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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Our reception immediately followed the wedding on August 13, 2000. We used the reception room at the Hockinson Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church (see Ceremony for the picture)

Our menu was as follows:
  • Sandwiches - both meat and vegetarian lunch meat and an assortment of cheeses to make your favorite combination
  • Salads - my dad's wonderful pasta salad
  • Fruit and Vegetable trays - whatever is in season
  • Meatballs - Eric's mom makes delicious meatless meatballs that we are including in the menu
  • Punch and Mints
  • Cake :-)
Thank you to each of our helpers in the kitchen - Karen and Shelli did an amazing job in coordinating, and Nicole, Sarah, Sarah, and Desiree was such a welcome addition to the team!

We used Safeway for our cake. This was my original idea - a fresh flower cake: (of course, the flowers would have been a lighter color to match the rest of the decorations, but you get the idea this way!)
This idea wasn't as do-able, so we went for a more traditional frosting flower cake from the new Heritage Market Safeway. We found one that has 3 pillared cakes - looks kinda like this rough sketch:

It turned out very close to that, didn't it?!!

The decorations at the reception were a combination of fresh flowers, candles, and more ribbon. We used assortment of glass candleholders and plum and white candles, and accent it all with ivy vines, ribbons, and flower petals. The head table and the food table had tulle edging on them. We moved the unity table flowers out to the head table, and had a large arrangement of flowers on the food table

We left in a cloud of bubbles to find that an assortment of people decorated our car, and many of the pictures are unfit for sharing!!!!!!!!!

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