Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage Kristine and Eric's wedding webpageKristine and Eric's wedding webpage
Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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About this page
This page was created by Kristine and If you are seaching for a designer for your wedding page or anything, check out the linkware graphics at my site or ask me :-)

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wedding dress contest - I'm a contestant!

I'm SO very excited to share with you - this site has received several awards!
The Love Bug award by
Bruz and Khara at have given us our very first award! I'm very excited to share it with you :-) Thanks guys, your site is *beautiful*
Cheryl at It's So Much Friendlier with Two had such high praises for my site - thank you, I feel so honored that you liked this site! :-)
Sine and Lewis were sweet enough to give my page an award - and I was silly enough to miss it in my mailbox the first time I went through it - LOL! Thanks so much!!
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Our site was a featured site over on Jamie and Season's wedding page. Its been up there for a while, and I thought I already had put something up on my page about it, but today I noticed that I hadn't. <.giggle.>
We were the way cool wedding for the week of June 18, 2000!

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