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kandekisses:Kristine and Eric are blowing kisses across the web to you!
May 06, 2004
wedding self-catering

how to cater a wedding information page, self catering - bunch of information that could be helpful for finalizing details on L and S's wedding. I had a few of these pages printed out in my wedding notebook from my planning, actually.

Posted by kristine at 11:35 AM
April 24, 2004
Hairstyles for Your Wedding

Hairstyles for Your Wedding

Looking for the right hairstyle for your wedding? If your booking a hairstylist for the day of your wedding, you can probably just take them pictures from a bridal magazine to give them an idea of what you are looking...

Posted by kristine at 01:53 PM | Comments (5)
January 31, 2004
S: wedding flowers

Sarah's wedding flowers will be coming from the same place mine did. Here's the selection:

May Wedding Flowers From 2G Roses

  • Chrysanthemum variety: Mum Daisy

  • Love in the Mist - small colored daisy-like flowers; blue and creamy colors

  • Monte Casino Asters - baby daisies

  • Solidaster - yellow filler

We will add several dozen roses for Sarah's bouquet, her MOH's bouquet, Leonard's boutineer, and the flowergirl's baskets. The flower girls (and Leah?) will wear flower wreaths made with the baby daisies. The BM, Ushers, and father will have daisy boutineers, and daisy/rose corsages will be on the mothers.

Prep beforehand: flower wreath bases with ribbons. Purchase a bunch of ribbon. Bring 2 bubble bottomed vases from my house, large vase from Sarah's, and small vases for the tables.

Posted by kristine at 12:58 AM
January 19, 2004
Fiskar products
Posted by kristine at 02:22 PM
October 17, 2002
NW Wedding stuff

In searching for reception sites for Leonard, I'm gonna collect my information here.
Bravo! Weddings
Bridewise - Northwest wedding
Reception site ideas

Posted by kristine at 04:11 PM
May 25, 2002
couples in love

I signed us up for Couples in Love :) There's a cute recent picture up, and our story of love :)

Posted by kristine at 06:13 AM
May 04, 2002
i will be here...

It just came on the radio, and an overwhelming thrill of memory came over me. Tears actually well up in my eyes as I post this.

I picked Steven Curtis Chapman's I Will Be Here as the song for my wedding. Megan so sweetly said she would love to sing or do something for my wedding, and I had heard this song at another wedding and knew it was the one.

The words meant so much to me. I wanted Eric to really know that they were true. I wanted to know they were true for me.

I don't remember much of the actual performance - Megan cried, and if I could have seen her singing, I would have been, too. It meant so much to me that she did it, and I just glowed at Eric as she sang.

But hearing the words over and over while Megan practised throughout our wedding prep time weeks in advance placed them in my heart forever, and will be a resounding reminder of the day I gave my heart to my love. I don't think I'll ever be able to hear the song without tears!

Posted by kristine at 08:43 AM
April 30, 2002

Just thought I'd show off my newest project - snap! has an assortedment of pictures of us and our home. Enjoy!

Posted by kristine at 04:19 PM
March 09, 2002
picture updates

Upon request of a few people, here are a few links to some pictures of us since the wedding. :)

Locatis Family Pictures
2000/2001 Pictures
Spring 2001 Pictures


Posted by kristine at 02:49 PM
March 04, 2002
wedding dresses

The Knot complete guide to finding a gown that fits - great resource about finding the perfect dress!

Posted by kristine at 12:12 PM

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