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Tuesday, August 8
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
Rina ArrivesPortland Airport1:51PMKristine, Megan, and maybe Lisa will be picking Rina upFlight number #489; United.
Wednesday, August 9
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
Final Fitting for DressesTouch of SilkAfternoon - call to confirmKristine, Megan, Lisa, RinaBring shoes and undergarmets. Already paid for :-)
Thursday, August 10
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
Bachlorette PartyYet to be decidedEveningKristine, Megan, Lisa, Rina, Karen, and anyone else Megan invitesIf you have any non-embarrasing ideas, give Megan a call.
Bachlor's PartyYet to be decidedEveningEric, Craig, Bert, Greg, and anyone else Craig invitesIf you have any embarrasing ideas, let Craig know
Friday, August 11
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
Flower Arranging sessionColumbia Adventist Academylate morning to early afternoonKristine, Megan, Lisa, RinaWe'll be putting together all of the arrangements for the ceremony and reception. All bouquets, flower wreaths corsages, and boutineers, as well as the bouquets for the church and reception room will be put together. Kristine has a book on how to make all these things. Kristine and Lisa tried out some of these techniques out beforehand and will hopefully be able to show Megan and Rina how to help :-)
ManicuresTo be decidedmid-late afternoonKristine, Megan, Lisa, RinaAfter putting the flowers together, we'll have a manicure appointment to either get acrylic nails or at least make our real nails look nice.
Pick up DressesTouch of SilkBefore 6PMKristine, Megan, Lisa, RinaPick up the 3 dresses (Kristine, Megan, and Lisa) - make sure they all fit and are steamed before leavning.
Pick up TuxesMr. Formal
8115 NE Vancouver Mall Drive.
Map to Mr. Formal
5:30-7:30 Craig (as Best Man) should make sure that each of these people are able to get to this meeting. Eric, Craig, Bert, Greg, Leonard, Matthew, Len, and LarryMake sure each tux fits before you leave. Down payments of $40 on each tux were to be made with the sizing information, and the balance on each is due now.
Saturday, August 12
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
ChurchHockinson Heights SDA Church
Map to Hockinson
Church begins at 10:45Everyone who is interested in attending church in the place where the wedding will be. 
Sabbath DinnerSweet Tomatoes
Map to Sweet Tomatoes from Hockinson
After Church - about 1:00pmAll family members and friends in town for the wedding weekend.Because its a nice yummy place, and the Grooms parents would like us all to be able to meet in a casual environment
Afternoon ActivitiesPossibly a drive somewhere in the gorgeAfternoonEveryone who needs an activity for the afternoon. Kristine will be tying up last minute items with the girls and possibly resting.Contact Len or Kristine to find out what the plan is if you are interested.
Rehersal DinnerHockinson Heights SDA Church
Map to Hockinson
7PM, Dinner; 8:15PM, Rehersal; 9:15PM, Decorating Entire wedding party - Kristine and Eric, Megan, Rina, Lisa, Leonard, Craig, Bert, Greg, Matthew, Caley, Katy
Parents of the Bride and Groom - Len and Noralee, Lorna and Larry
Parents and Family of the Wedding attendants - Annette, Bonnie and Lori
Friends and Family in Town - Kathy and Nancy, MaryAnn, Karen, Kellie
Pastor Binus and any church assistants - Sound technician
Eric's parents will be hosting this party and are planning on Lasagna, Salad, and French bread for our last night as singles.
Kristine will have mapped out the decorations and processional orders to make the night go smoother. Make sure all decoration items get brought to the church by friday evening
Sunday, August 13
EventWhereWhenWhoSpecial info:
Final DecorationsHockinson Heights SDA Church
Map to Hockinson
8AM-noonKristine, Megan, Lisa, and RinaGirls will be picking up the flowers and heading to Hockinson early. They will also hang up balloons so its easy for guests to find the wedding. When they arrive at the church, all flowers will be put out and final arrangements will be made.
Food PreparationHockinson11ish-3:30kitchen staffLen will be heading up making sure the food arrives at the church. The team will be putting together several trays, but a majority of it will be pre-prepared. It shouldn't take this entire time, and probably can be started later.
Getting ReadyHockinsonnoon-3:00Kristine, Megan, Lisa, Rina, with the assistance of Tiffany and AlyAll girls will get ready together - our dresses will be at the church, and Tiffany and Aly will work on our makeup and hair. There is a shower and a sink down the hall if we need to get our hair wet. We have a full classroom just for our work, and Megan will bring her stereo - sounds like fun, huh!
Formal PicturesHockinson-3:15-4:00All wedding party and family membersDoug Congelton will be taking the posed pictures at this time. For a list of what he'll be taking pictures of, check out the picture list link.
Usher starts seat/Guestbook attendant and Gift assistant should be in placeHockinson4:00Leonard, Bert, and Greg
Kellie and Lori
This may need to be started sooner. But has to be after pictures because the Ushers/Groomsmen will all be in the pictures
Ceremony BeginsHockinson4:30ALLSee program page for more info

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