Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage Kristine and Eric's wedding webpageKristine and Eric's wedding webpage
Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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 About Page
Kristine and Eric welcome you to this page - it was designed especially to keep our friends and family up-to-date on what is happening in their planning, wedding, and beyond, as well as be a good resource for other brides.

Eric is a cute 24 year-old computer science major. He recently was hired at Qsent, a wireless software company, as the Systems Engineer and he's enjoying that position. In his spare time, he likes to play playstation and look for new things to add to his website (Dr. Slice's Page of Free Stuff).

Kristine is a 23-year old business major. She has been the Business Manager for Locatis Leather Products since graduation in June 1998. In her spare time, she designs webpages and graphics for her website at

We both live in Camas, WA, which is near Portland, OR and the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood - you must come and see!

We met at Walla Walla College, only a month before Kristine graduated. Eric came to play Tennis where Kristine was watching one day -- friends introduced us and within a few weeks, we noticed that we enjoyed being together and had mutual interests. We started dating June 1, 1998, only a few weeks before Kristine graduated from College. We both went home to our parents homes that summer, but got to spend several weekends together. The next year while Eric was finishing his final year of school, we emailed religiously and Eric made lots of trips to Camas. When Eric started looking for a job, he came to the Camas area, and we got closer the more time we spent together. Our love grew, and we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together!"

Our engagement story -- Eric plotted secretly to have a ring for Kristine on New Years Day! Sweet, huh?!

Our wedding story -- Check out the recap!!

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