This is the help page for those of you not familiar with setting up a webpage or a journal. This page is especially for those joining the wedblog ring, but works as a standalone tutorial as well :-)

First things first, you need somewhere to host your page. AOL won't work with with Blogger, but there are many other options. Check out Dr Slice's Page of Free Stuff, and click on free webpages. Most of them have ad banners, but that's not so bad. I recommend Tripod or Freeservers. When looking for a webpage host, you'll need one that utilizes FTP to upload files in order for it to work with Blogger.

Next, you'll need an account with Blogger. This is the free online utility that will make it easy to journal in small or larger chunks as you want. The files will be hosted on your server, but can be edited through Blogger.

Setting up Blogger
1. Start at the main page - Blogger. Find the form that looks like this:

2. Enter in a user name and password that you'll remember for logging-in in the future. (hint: your user name doesn't have to be the same as the name of the blog/journal)
3. Go through the dialog boxes and fill in all the info that is requested - name, email, etc.
4. Once you get all logged in (if you need to stop in the middle, come back to Blogger to log in again). Click on the Create a New Blog (on the right hand side):

5. Fill out all the info than they ask for again. There are little 's on the pages you can click for help. 6. Every time you log into Blogger, you'll see the following bar:

  1. Posts shows a listing of all your posts
  2. Settings lets you change the info that you entered in #5
  3. Template changes the way your journal looks (see below under graphics)
  4. Archives lets you adjust how your old posts are dealt with (along with the settings options)
  5. Team gives you the option of having more than one person blogging on one journal
  6. My Blogs lets you easily switch between multiple journals
  7. Help will bring you to the forum for more help
  8. Logout and Blogger do the obvious - log you out and bring you to the blogger page
  9. Post will take what you have typed in the top section of your screen and save it to the bottom section.
  10. Post & Publish will take what you typed in the top section of your screen and post it to the bottom section and then save it to your server.
Setting up your template and other pages:
If you don't have graphics, check out the set page. The Paper series are especially designed for full sets or just blogging graphics so you don't have to do any work. There are also other sets that are listed as blogger sets.

Assuming that you use one of the Paper series, download the set and look at the pieces you have. There is an html file called blog.html in each that have the complete blogger template. Open that file in an HTML editor (you can get a free one at Evrsoft's First Page 2000) or just usenotepad. There are several places that you can customize as you go along, but for now, take everything in that file, copy it, and then get into the Template section of your blog and replace what they have listed with what is in your blog.html file. You can always come back here and add in your own info :-)

To set up your other pages, there are other templates in the Paper series. You can edit the pages to include your email address, and infomation in the main section by replacing the my main words in the templates with what you want to say. If you need help, email me. And if you do use any of my graphics, please remember to follow the instuctions on each page and the terms page.

Setting up your computer to blog easily:
In the Settings section of blogger, there's a Blog It! bookmarklet that you can drag to your favorite places. It will bring up a dialog box that you can put your journal piece in and then click "Post and Publish" and Poof! its up on your page :-)

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