Welcome to the Gilliangels page! This group is devoted to doing service in honor of Gillian Anderson. Ms. Anderson is most commonly known for her role as Scully on The X-Files, but she is also known for her support of doing service to help others. This group admires that quality and each member is dedicated to help others, as well.

This page will serve as the news page, and when special things happen in the group or updates occur, they will appear here.

11.21.00 - Holiday Project has been announced!
11.07.00 - Piper's Poptab Project page has been updated with October and November stats!
09.24.00 - Updates to the Project Page have been made
     - A coupon for donating poptabs is now available on the Piper's Poptab Project page!
09.22.00 - Collage for the Piper Poptab Project has been sent to Gillian today
09.03.00 - Many updates have been made to the Gilliangels site :)
09.01.00 - Shelley has received most of the poptabs and is working on donating them this week to finish before Piper's birthday.
08.09.00 - Gillian's Birthday - we mailed out her birthday card with time to spare :-)
07.13.00 - Unveiling of the Gilliangels Webpage!
06.25.00 - Piper Poptab Project begins - check out the project page for info.
06.18.00 - Birthday Card Project begins - check out the project page for info.