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04/02/2001 Entry: "other modifications I made"

Just so you can see the entire process, I also finished up this setup with a teeny bit of tweaking.

  • Archives also needed tweaking. I always forget this the first time! The main change that needs to be made so that the archive template can be seen properly (at Sample Blog Archives) is to make all of your image and style sheet links absolute - by adding in front of all of the image and style sheet references in the Header and Footer templates.
  • This specific set had some styles used in the post itself. For a little more advanced fun, lets dig a little deeper into the templates for the post.
    • If you look at the hablog template file, you can see that there are blogheader div tags, blogbody div tags, and blogfoot div tags. You can use these in the GM templates.
    • Go back to the templates. Click on Main Index-related Templates. Scroll down to Date Grouping Template.
    • Paste in the following code (without the dots - they are placeholders):

      <.div class="blogdatehead">{{.weekday}}, {{.monthword}} {{.day}}, {{.yearyear}}

    • Now scroll back up right above to the Index Entry Template: Standard Entries
    • Paste in the following code:

      <.div class="blogbody">
      <.div class="blogfoot">Posted by {{.authorsmartlink}} @ {{.hourhour}}:{{.minuteminute}} {{.ampm}} {{.timezone}} [<.A HREF="{{.pagelink}}" onMouseOver="window.status='{{.monthmonth}}/{{.dayday}}/{{.year}}: {{.entrysubject}}';return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true"><.img src="hadot.gif" name="heart" border=0 alt="linkette"><./A>]{{.karmalink}}{{.commentslink}}

    • Click Save Template Changes at the bottom of the page

Besides that, every other template (yes, there are a lot of them) are standard to Greymatter. I left all of the original info and sidebar info as they were in the template, but they are easily editable in the Footer Section of the Template: Edit Header, Footer, & Sidebar Templates.

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